About Me

First of all, thank you so much for visiting Selfies For Syria. I sincerely hope you will add your selfie/photo/image to our grid and help to spread the word on social media.

My name is Laurence Flynn and that’s my ugly mug to the right which you can find on the grid here. I grew up in a small market town called Romsey in the south of England and now reside in southern Japan where I’ve been for 17 years. I am married to my beautiful Japanese wife and father to three great kids.

15 years ago a nasty snowboarding destroyed my left shoulder and I suddenly found myself with a lot of spare time. The internet saved me from going insane and one thing led to another which resulted in me launching a web hosting business called HostNexus in the winter of 2001. Ever since, I’ve been fascinated with internet technologies and usually I can be found with my head stuck in some kind of user manual. In 2012 we launched a new web hosting enterprise called AtomicVPS, focused on the Cloud Hosting market. I’m surrounded by a small but talented team of server engineers and we can handle anything from a hobby site to something more robust that requires a complex server or cloud cluster. So if you need hosting, hit me up. 🙂

I actually got the idea for Selfies For Syria after a brainstorming session with our Marketing Director. One of his ideas was to approach our client base and build a “Wall of Selfies” to display on the new HostNexus site that we are currently developing. As I was out walking my big Bernese Mountain Dog the idea just materialised in my mind. Earlier I had been reading about the latest migrant boat to capsize with a hideous loss of life and in a few seconds I had the idea to create a site where we created a “Wall of Selfies” where each uploader would donate a small sum, and also I instantly knew of the backend script we could use. Many of you may remember the infamous “Million Dollar Homepage” back in 2005. An enterprising young student called Alex Tew created a website with a 1000×10000 pixel grid and sold each pixel to advertisers for $1. Selfies For Syria is powered by a highly modified version of this same script.

Stuff You Don’t Really Want To Know

I also teach English at Elementary school every morning until lunch. This is so much fun I almost feel guilty when I get my monthly paycheck from City Hall. I’ve done my share of dead-end jobs where I dreaded going to work in the morning and I feel so fortunate to look forward to each new day and even drag myself into class after 3 hours sleep due to trouble-shooting some kind of hosting issue.

When not at school or at the computer tending to web hosting commitments you can find me working out at the gym 4 days a week or getting wrecked by young studs half my age at our kickboxing gym. I’m an avid martial artist with a 1st degree black belt in Shourinji-ryu Karate, 2nd degree black belt in Aikido with many years experience Kickboxing. Snowboarding is probably the one thing I like to do more than anything else and I’ve ridden mountains here in Japan, America, Canada, New Zealand and France.

Politically I’m on the side of whoever has the best ideas to further the progress of society and ideologically I’m agnostic and secular. But at the end of the day I’m proud to pigeonhole myself as a simple humanitarian.